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Boiler Grants

See If You’re Eligible For A Free Boiler

At Trust Genie, we’re committed to helping grant Britain’s green energy wishes. Having a more energy-efficient boiler can help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills! We’ve made it simple to see if you’re eligible for the government-funded boiler scheme. Our dedicated team aims to have your new boiler up and running in just 30 days if you’re approved!


Apply online today and see if you can get approved for a free energy-efficient boiler.

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Simple Online Process

We’ve made it quick and easy to see if you’re eligible for a free boiler

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Hassle-Free Installation

Our certified engineers can install your boiler in just 30 days of being approved

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Reduce Your Energy Bills

A new energy-efficient boiler will keep your home warm and cosy whilst also reducing your energy bills

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We Pride Ourselves On

Making Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Old boilers are costing you in energy and money, as they take longer to heat up your home and use up extra fuel for not much benefit. Alternatively, thanks to technological advancements, modern boilers are designed to use less fuel to produce the same amount of heat. This means the boilers use less energy, which reduces the impact on the environment, and you can enjoy a warm home and cheaper energy bills!

We Pride Ourselves On

Keeping The Whole Process Simple

From applying online, to our hassle-free installations, our dedicated team is here to help you throughout the whole process. We take the time to understand your specific energy needs and offer tailored solutions for your home. Every installer has also been carefully selected by us for their expertise, reliability and commitment to excellence.

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