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Eco 4 Grants

About our Eco 4 Grants

At Trust Geniue, we are committed to helping households reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint through our comprehensive grant program. Our Eco4 Grants are designed to provide financial assistance to homeowners and tenants looking to implement energy-saving measures in their properties. These grants cover a wide range of upgrades, including insulation, heating systems, and renewable energy solutions, ensuring that every home can benefit from enhanced energy efficiency. By reducing energy consumption, our grants not only help to lower utility bills but also contribute to a more sustainable future.


Our user-friendly website makes it easy to check your eligibility and apply for the Eco4 Grants. We offer detailed guidance throughout the application process, ensuring you can access the support you need without hassle. By taking advantage of these grants, you can make significant improvements to your home’s energy performance, creating a more comfortable living environment while also playing your part in combating climate change.

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Improved Energy Efficiency

Save hundreds of £s on bills.



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Enhanced Comfort 

Experience a cosier, better-insulated living space

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Environmental Impact

 For a greener, better tomorrow. 

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We pride ourselves on saving

Cover 100% of Cost

By using an Eco4 grant, you can make your home more energy efficient whilst saving on bills.

We pride ourselves on quality

Annual Bill Savings

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service, ensuring that every interaction is informative, friendly, and responsive. Our team is dedicated to understanding and meeting your specific energy needs, offering tailored solutions with a personal touch. Equally important are our trusted installers, carefully selected for their expertise, reliability, and commitment to excellence.